Vietkem Minerals Limited


About VIETKEM® Minerals Limited:

VIETKEM® Minerals Limited (VIETKEM®) is a leading supplier of high quality of Vietnam Calcium Carbonate for various applications such as PVC, rubber, paper, paints, ceramic etc. Our products have been exported to various countries including India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brunei, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and acknowledged as the best choice by all the customers.

VIETKEM® is dedicated to establishing long term business relationships with our customers from a range of manufacturing industries including latex gloves, masterbatch, paint, plastic, pvc, rubber and etc.

We are committed to developing more value-added solutions for our customers and ensure a high quality, consistent and reliable source of calcium carbonate products.

We provide coated/uncoated ground calcium carbonate powder (GCC) from purest natural marble quarries, which has been applying worldwide instead of light calcite powder as additives for industries such as Paper, paint, ink, rubber, plastic, effluent treatment and others. Our products are separated into grades of application with range of particle size from 5µm of fine powder to tens millimetres of chip form, coated and uncoated kinds whatever meet various industrial demands.

Our Vision and Mission :

VIETKEM® is aiming to create value for our customers and shareholders through our committed and innovative team.

In order to do this, we focus on listening to our customers and understanding their needs for today and tomorrow while providing them with the cost-effective solutions they need through using our products manufactured from Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) and Coated Calcium Carbonate.

VIETKEM® is committed to deliver ensuring compliance with the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards, providing our people with a motivating, rewarding and a healthy environment.